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The mission of Maine People’s Alliance is to create a world where everyone has what they need, contributes what they can, and no one is left behind.

By forming community with people from all walks of life, we build power, inspire new leaders, heal divisions—particularly across lines of race—and win campaigns that change what is politically possible.

With more than 32,000 members across Maine, MPA is the state's largest community action organization.

Over the past three decades, MPA has worked to build a powerful statewide grassroots movement for progressive social change, serving as a leader in state campaigns for expanded health care access, toxics use reduction, affordable housing, universal home care, clean elections reform, racial justice, immigrant rights, a higher minimum wage and tax fairness, among others.

MPA is dedicated to providing Maine people with the tools, knowledge, skills and opportunity to become involved in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

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40 Years of MPA

In 2022, Maine People's Alliance celebrated its 40th anniversary. To mark this milestone, some of the people who have been a part of our work shared their thoughts on the power we've built in communities across Maine and the progress we've made towards achieving a world where everyone has what they needs, contributes what they can, and no one is left behind.

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2023 Achievements

At Maine People’s Alliance, we believe in a world where everyone has what they need and contributes what they can, and no one is left behind.

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Multi-Faith Justice Maine

Grounded in the recognition that every life is sacred, Multifaith Justice Maine is a statewide movement that builds power across the lines of our diverse spiritual and religious beliefs as we work collectively to create a just and radically loving society. Engaging the practices of advocacy, public witness, political and spiritual education, worship, and community building, we clearly identify the structural and systemic injustices that oppress many and work towards the joyful vision of a beloved community that embraces and supports all.

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Maine Student Action

Maine Student Action (MSA) is a network of student leaders across the state of Maine, dedicated to cultivating youth leadership in the movement for progressive social change. Maine Student Action is committed to building the power of high school and college-aged young people. Founded in 2015, it provides training and support for young people to engage in campaigns around the issues that most directly affect their lives--from climate change to worker rights and justice system transformation. Maine Student Action has members across the state, and it helps convene, resource, train, and support youth-led groups.

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