Holding Congress Accountable

For such a small state, Maine has an outsized history of representation by powerful federal lawmakers who have put their own stamp on the conduct of the nation, from James G. Blaine to Edmund Muskie to William Cohen.

Mainers also have a history of holding their members of congress to account, with even national figures like Margaret Chase Smith ultimately finding themselves answerable to their constituents.

MPA works to hold Maine's congressional delegation - Senators Susan Collins and Angus King and Representatives Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden - accountable for their votes and actions in Washington.

Right now Maine's senior senator, Republican Susan Collins, has a particularly important role in the conduct of the federal government. Unfortunately, despite previous claims to be a moderate, Collins has taken a series of pivotal votes to undermine health care, reproductive rights and environmental protections while also massively shifting the tax system in favor of wealthy individuals and corporations.

MPA makes sure Maine people know about the decisions their elected officials are making and are able to advocate for what they need and want from their federal officials, priorities that often differ greatly from those of powerful corporate interests that too often hold the balance of power in Washington.