Health care

Health care is a basic human right. MPA supports a universal, single-payer health care system and helped lead the successful effort to expand Medicaid in Maine.

A universal, single-payer health care system (often referred to as Medicare for all or Medicaid for all) guarantees quality health care for everyone. While providers of health care remain private, the system of payment becomes public, much like Medicare and Social Security. A single, government insurer would replace the many profit-seeking health insurance companies that currently make health care so unaffordable and inaccessible.

No one should have to choose between paying for medication and buying food or other necessities. MPA supports affordable, accessible prescription drugs and opposes profiteering and price fixing by pharmaceutical corporations.

MPA also stands by the principle that no one should be denied access to care simply because they do not have the means to transport themselves to a hospital or medical professional. Medicaid transportation is a critical service that should be expanded.