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Maine People’s Alliance endorses Julia, Smith in Waterville, Bangor House district primary races

May 30, 2024

Maine People’s Alliance (MPA) is proud to announce its Campaign Vote! endorsements for the June 2024 primary elections. Both candidates are committed to advancing policies to make our state stronger by tackling our affordable housing crisis, supporting universal childcare, addressing climate change, and building an economy that works for everyone—not just the wealthy and well-connected.

In the Democratic primary race for House District 65 in Waterville, MPA endorses Cassie Julia. Julia is a local business owner and public school substitute teacher, as well as the founder of Friends of Waterville Public Schools. She has also been a member of the Waterville Planning Board since 2022. A comprehensive supporter of the MPA platform, Julia has been an active advocate of public school funding and has been especially supportive of special-needs and LGBTQ+ students. She is an outspoken advocate of reproductive rights and gender-affirming care, and she would move on several fronts to decrease economic inequality and address urgent needs of families with low incomes.

Jim Parakilas (he/him), a leader of the Campaign Vote! team, says, “MPA believes Cassie Julia would bring enormous energy and passion to the cause of public education in Maine and to the needs of many groups of Maine citizens who turn to their government to defend their right to thrive.”

In the Democratic primary race for House District 24 in Bangor, MPA endorses Zachary Smith.  Smith has practiced law for 10 years and is seeking office for the first time. In his law practice, he has seen a need for reform in many parts of our justice system, including repeal of Maine’s mandatory minimum sentences, bail reform, and defelonization of drug possession. Smith offers thoughtful proposals to increase the use of renewable energy and to make some currently unavailable housing (bank-owned or short-term rented) available at affordable rates, in addition to building public housing.  

Parakilas says, “MPA sees in Zachary Smith deep experience with our criminal justice system and a probing insight into how to improve it, as well as a willingness to investigate nontraditional solutions to problems in a wide range of other fields.”

MPA arrives at its endorsements through a member-led process called Campaign Vote!

MPA Campaign Vote! is the political action committee of MPA and its 32,000 members. Its purpose is to support candidates who are willing to challenge wealthy, powerful special interests in order to build a society where everyone has what they need, everyone contributes what they can, and no one is left behind. 

Here’s how the Campaign Vote! process works: Every election cycle, MPA member leaders evaluate candidates in state races and recommend endorsements based on a candidate’s answers to a questionnaire and in some cases an interview. MPA’s board of directors then votes on whether to approve those recommended candidates. 

In announcing our endorsements, MPA is publicizing candidates who champion progressive Maine values. And, as we have done for decades, MPA will leverage the grassroots power of our 32,000 members across the state to help elect the candidates we endorse.  


Maine People’s Alliance (MPA) was founded in Lewiston in 1982 and has grown to be the largest community organization in Maine, and one of the largest in the country. MPA is a powerful grassroots network of more than 32,000 members who work together on issues that include but are not limited to climate change, toxics use reduction, health care access, affordable housing, racial justice, and immigrant rights.


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