Legislative Scorecard

2024 Legislative Scorecard

You can find your state legislators’ names here, by entering your address! 

How our scores work:

Every bill has a value of 3 (MPA supports this bill) or -3 (MPA opposes this bill). Legislators receive a score of 3 if they voted in alignment with MPA’s values, or -3 if they voted against MPA’s values. The total score is the sum of all their vote scores. Since not every legislator voted on the same number of bills, legislators who have the same Vote Index (%) might not have the same Total Score.

In the "Summary" chart, “Vote Index” is the percentage of votes on which they were in alignment with MPA—so a vote index of 100 means a legislator voted with MPA 100% of the time, while a vote index of 0 means they voted with MPA 0% of the time. 

For more information on how legislators voted on individual bills, go to the “bill score” section of this scorecard.