Legislative Scorecard

About the Scorecard

No matter what part of the state we live in, what we do for a living, or whether we’re from Maine or from away, we all deserve to have our interests represented in our state legislature.

It’s impossible to keep track of everything going on in Augusta during a legislative session – but it’s important to know how the people we put into office are doing. That’s why every year, MPA releases a legislative scorecard to show how our state legislators voted on the most critical issues that defined each legislative session and made the biggest impact on people’s lives.

There are more than 1,500 bills typically heard in a two-year session, so we try to cut through the noise and highlight the votes that mattered the most. We take a comprehensive look at ALL bills that got a vote and select the ones that represent the full range of what makes a difference in the lives of Mainers.

Our scorecard covers a wide range of issues, because we know that a lot of issues matter: we all need housing, health care, and the ability to care for ourselves and our families; we need education for our kids; and we need to know that our government is working for all of us, no matter where we come from or the color of our skin.

We hope that you’ll take a minute to check out your own legislators’ scores and another minute to share. Every Mainer should know whether their elected officials are representing their values.

About Maine People's Alliance

The Maine People’s Alliance (MPA) is Maine’s largest community action organization, representing more than 32,000 members across the state. Our mission is to create a world where everyone has what they need and contributes what they can, and no one is left behind.

For more than four decades, MPA members have joined with neighbors and friends to work for the kind of world in which we all want to live. We have worked on dozens of local, state and national issue campaigns. We’ve successfully organized to raise the minimum wage and to create a paid family and medical leave program that works for all Maine workers; we’ve helped protect renters from Maine’s housing crisis; and we’ve stood up for the rights of people with low incomes, immigrants, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

To find out more about getting involved with the Maine People’s Alliance, visit us on the web at www.mainepeoplesalliance.org. You can find out what’s happening in Maine from a progressive perspective at Maine Beacon, at www.mainebeacon.com. You can subscribe to our weekly podcast about Maine politics on iTunes or at www.mainebeacon.com/podcast.