Legislative Scorecard

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the issues you included in the scorecard?

The range of bills we scored touched upon a number of issues, including: Reproductive and gender-affirming health care, tax fairness, climate change, housing, workers’ rights, health care, our criminal legal system, gun safety and tribal sovereignty. We also scored the supplemental budget, because how our government spends its money truly reveals its priorities and determines the impact of policies. 

Why are some bills scored in the House and not the Senate, and vice-versa?

We score bills that received a “roll call” vote (where the individual “yes” or “no” votes on a bill are recorded). Not every bill receives a “roll call” in both chambers. Sometimes that’s because the vote was never taken up by one of the chambers. Other times it’s because the bill passed “under the hammer,” meaning unanimously. We can’t score a bill if we don’t know how each legislator voted on it, so there are a few cases where we could only score it in the House or the Senate.

Do absences count against legislators?

We at MPA believe in the importance of having a legislature led by everyday Mainers. However, the challenges of being a working person or someone with caretaking responsibilities makes legislative duties increasingly difficult for some lawmakers. As such, we do not count absences against a lawmaker’s score as we hope it more accurately reflects who votes to support progressive policies in Maine.

What do I do with this information?

First: Please share this scorecard. Every Mainer has the right to know how their elected officials voted, and whether they were actually representing their constituents—or the interests of the super-rich or wealthy corporations.

Second: Get involved. Write or call your legislator to tell them your thoughts on their votes. 

And the ultimate form of accountability? Elections. 

Happy with how they voted? Well, every legislator in Maine is up for reelection every two years, and if your legislator isn’t termed out (here’s a list of those who are), then they’re up for reelection. So, volunteer to knock on some doors, make phone calls, and help get them back in office. Unhappy with their score? Volunteer with the person challenging them.

Do you have scorecards from past legislative sessions?

Yes! Here are scorecards from 2023 and 2022.

Who do I talk to if I have any other questions about the scorecard

Email MPA Director of Public Policy Cate Blackford at [email protected].