Legislative Scorecard

Governor's Score

For MPA’s legislative scorecard, we determine the governor’s score by looking at which bills Gov. Janet Mills signed and which bills she vetoed. We do not score based on bills that became law without the governor’s signature, bills that passed but were not funded, or bills that were carried over to a special session which did not take place. These bills do not count for or against the governor. For more information about the legislative session and Gov. Mills’ role in it, check out our session at a glance.

Gov. Janet Mills’ score for 2024: 67%

LD 227, Protecting gender-affirming and reproductive health care providers: Signed

LD 535, Protecting access to gender-affirming care: Signed

LD 1231, Increasing income tax for the highest-income Mainers (concept bill): Vetoed (Read Gov. Mills’ veto message)

LD 2007, Coming closer to acknowledging Wabanaki sovereignty: Signed

LD 2086, Banning bump stocks and destroying more forfeited firearms: Vetoed (Read Gov. Mills’ veto message

LD 2214, The supplemental budget: Signed

LD 2258, A tax credit for the private equity-owned Portland Sea Dogs: Signed

LD 2266, Allowing for the chance to develop Maine wind power: Language included in signed supplemental budget

LD 2273: Finally paying farmworkers minimum wage: Vetoed (Read Gov. Mills’ veto message)