Legislative Scorecard

Special Mentions

On the floor and behind the scenes, these legislators went above and beyond in service of their constituents, and championed all Mainers – regardless of who they are, where they’re from and how much money they have in the bank – on the issues about which they feel most passionate. Thank you!

Rights Restorer

House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross (D-Portland) for her steadfast leadership on tribal self-determination and farmworker rights. 

Inclusion Icon

Rep. Deqa Dhalac (D-South Portland) for championing the Office of New Americans, helping to strengthen our communities, our workforce, and our economy.

Housing Hero

Rep. Cheryl Golek (D-Harpswell) for championing rent relief and tenant protections for Mainers with low incomes.

Fighter for Fairness

Rep. Ambureen Rana (D-Bangor) for championing just housing policy and recovery community centers and leading the charge against a tax break for the private equity-owned Portland Sea Dogs.

Labor Leaders

Rep. Amy Roeder (D-Bangor) and Sen. Mike Tipping (D-Orono) for their steadfast leadership on the Labor and Housing Committee. They helped to strengthen Maine’s labor enforcement and fought for overtime protections and rights for farmworkers.

Transparency Trailblazer

Rep. Ann Matlack (D-St. George) for winning corporate transparency, requiring publicly traded companies to report aggregate data about what taxes they pay and what tax breaks they use in Maine.

Solution Seeker

Rep. Grayson Lookner (D-Portland) for championing alternatives to youth incarceration and innovative solutions to our affordable housing crisis.

Budget Bulwarks

Democrats on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee for pushing back against harmful budget cuts and funding a crucial rental assistance pilot program.