Maine’s largest progressive community action organization. Fighting for a world where everyone contributes what they can, has what they need, and no one is left behind.



MPA is bringing Mainers together across lines of difference to find solidarity in fighting for a better world.

We are Mainers from towns in every corner of our state, from all walks of life. We are young people worried about climate change; seniors tired of expensive medications; low-income families paying too much in rent; small business owners hurt by corporate power; immigrants who need access to health care; and so much more. We know that we live in an economy that is rigged against everyday people by wealthy special interests that try to use things like race to divide us. MPA members understand we are stronger together!


MPA is building grassroots power to make change.

Our community organizers are training hundreds of new activists and progressive leaders. Our news website is reaching tens of thousands of readers a month with stories about Maine politics and policy. Our canvass teams are knocking doors and engaging hundreds of Mainers every day about issues that matter. We are building coalitions of lawmakers, organizations and voters with enough power to move our ideas into successful policy. Each year, we grow stronger in numbers and more able to fight moneyed special interests—and win!


MPA is winning campaigns that make Maine better for all of us.

In recent years, we have:

  • Led ballot campaigns to win an increase in Maine’s minimum wage, benefitting one in three Maine workers, and expand Medicaid, getting life-saving health coverage to over 70,000 Mainers
  • Won a 20-year lawsuit against one of Maine’s worst polluters for dumping mercury in the Penobscot River
  • Passed paid sick days and paid family & medical leave for Maine workers

…and so much more!

This year, MPA members are working on campaigns for immigrant rights, tax fairness, compassionate drug policy reform, worker rights, and expanded access to affordable housing, health care and child care. Join us!

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With more than 32,000 members across Maine, MPA is the state's largest community action organization. MPA empowers members to use their voices to effect change at every level by advocating for progressive policy and elected officials.

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